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About the association

See all informations regarding membership fees and beaches rules...etc. 


The Golden Lake Owner's Association is dedicated to the protection of the lake and its environment, to the quality of life of the owners and their interests and to the promotion of such objectives with external organizations and the population at large.




Board of Directors

The Association's  Board of Directors (BOD) includes directors who are elected during the annual general meeting for a term of one year. The 2022-2023 directors are:

  • Jean-Pierre Monast___President

  • Esther Larose___ Secretary

  • Roger Tessier___Environmental manager

  • Sylvie Malo___Treasurer

  • Maryse Caron___Members manager

  • William Thornley___Beaches manager and vice-president


For the past 32 years, to be a member, you must be a lakeside owner or an owner holding a notarized access to one of the five beaches belonging to the association. To become a member and be able to vote at any general meeting , members must also pay the annual fees .


Annual General Meeting


Click here to download the meeting notice and agenda. 

Click here to download the user fee form.

Click here to download the minutes of the 2022 Annual General Meeting 

Click here to download the 2022-2023 President report

Click here to download the 2022 environmental report

Click here to download the Financial Results 

Click here to download the annual beaches report

For previous reports please contact the association.

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