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Member's informations

Access to beaches



The access to the beaches is included in the Property Act for a particular lot by a notarized access to one of the five beaches of Lac Doré. Only owners or tenants and their guests may access the beach reserved for them.

In order to use your right of access, you must pay the annual fee. The beach padlocks are changed every five years.


The beach regulations were reviewed by the Board of Directors in 2022. The regulations are posted at the entrance of every beach. Click on the link to view the document: Beach Use Regulations


IMPORTANT: The beach doors must be locked at all times to comply with insurance requirements of the Association.



A $100 fee will be charged to replace a lost key. Contact us.

One of our benevolant will replace your lost key.

Please plan a couple weeks for replacement.

Annual Fees


Members of the Association  receive a renewal notice with respect to their annual fee in the month of May. Fees must be paid to attend the Association general meetings which are held in June.

To pay your annual fee, please complete the Annual Fees Form and return it with your cheque to: Golden Lake Owners Association, P.O. Box 604 Val-Morin , Val-Morin, QC, J0T 2R0.

New members need to also include a copy of their notarial act.

The annual fees are used by the Association to pay for expenses related to liability insurance, maintenance of beaches, water testing, communication with members and administrative fees. As needed, the BOD may also provide funding for projects related to the mission of the Association.

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